Group classes are offered Monday through Friday in the morning, noon, and evening and Saturday mornings.  Completion of either Foundations or Private Coaching is a pre-requisite for joining any of our group classes.  Our core program is our Crossfit classes and we recommend these classes for everyone to develop and increase base fitness capacities and well-rounded abilities.   We also recognize that many athletes have significant holes in strength and general fitness.  To this end, we also offer a wide variety of specialized classes that are intended to be a compliment to our CrossFit classes.


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CrossFit Classes – These are traditional Crossfit classes that include a skill-based warm-up, skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and mobility work.    The workouts can always be scaled so that new athletes can workout alongside veteran athletes.  On some days, the WOD will be a 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning workout that combines several movements or exercises that are grouped into sets and either completed for time or in as many rounds a possible (“AMRAP”).    On other days, the class will focus on a strength piece (like a 1 rep max deadlift) followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning “finisher” workout.    We encourage all CrosSFit athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress in Zenplanner.


Getting Started

It's easier than you think. Anyone at any level can do CrossFit!